ION is more than just a Functional fitness and mental toughness training program.

ION is to embody a life of STRENGTH, DISCIPLINE, AND HONOR.

This training will not only make you functionally fit, but CREATE the person you always wish you were.

Being able to dominate whatever challenges come your way. You’ll get into the best shape of your life. Learning to live with purpose in the now.



If you commit to work hard, YOU will see that there is no limit to your ability to grow and become the best version of yourself. Plus, we guarantee your life will be changed for the best inside and out.
INCREASE in strength and stamina exercises, metabolic conditioning methods, and mobility and flexibility techniques to get the support you need to thrive. The level of commitment is increased our members will be asked to push themselves with the support of our ION community to go far and beyond they ever thought possible.


The Ultimate PROGRAM that connects you to the very core of who you are and what you’re made of. Performing at the highest level possible. This what you should be trying to become. You have one life and you have one chance to give it all you got. One should not just settle for where they are but consistently raise the bar themselves and others.


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This is one of the best gyms I have joined. Jeremy genuinely cares about your training but is not there to hold your hand through the process. You are there because you want to be, and the atmosphere alone will make you come back. There is no judgment and everyone wants to see you improve. I had to leave this gym because of a job relocation, and it seriously hurt to know I will not find another coach like Jeremy in my new town.
ION Strength, you are amazing and I hope to see you grow Cynthia K V.

This is one of the best gyms I have joined. Jeremy genuinely cares about your training but is not there to hold your hand through the process. You are there because you want to be, and the atmosphere alone will make you come back. There is no judgment and everyone wants to see you improve. I had to leave this gym because of a job relocation, and it seriously hurt to know I will not find another coach like Jeremy in my new town.
ION Strength, you are amazing and I hope to see you grow Cynthia K V.

Simply stated – I LOVE THIS PLACE!! I came to this box looking for a place to help with post-baby weight loss.  I was not looking to “make friends” and certainly not looking to “gain a new family” (especially as a first time mom… the idea of expanding my circle with a newborn was daunting to say the least).  Unbeknownst to me, that is precisely what I received!!

The first day I walked through those doors, I was greeted with the warmest smile and the biggest hug from Gail Loo (the owner/Coach’s wife) and Jeremy Loo (the owner/Coach) treated me as if I was an old pal.  Breaking the ice was never a concerns as every single person was so caring and friendly.  As with any new environment, particularly within a gym setting, I was very apprehensive about how ridiculous I was going to perform in comparison to the other more seasoned partitions.  That was never the case at ION Strength and Conditioning.  Everyone roots for one another, encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, celebrates your milestones and inspires you to reach heights you would not have otherwise known you could attain.  You will always feel like you are a fundamental part of a phenomenal team.

Words are just not enough to paint the true picture of my gratitude to Jeremy and all the Coaches at ION Strength and Conditioning – AKA, My Gym Family! Ikila S.

My wife and I started at ION Strength and Conditioning in February 2012. I avoided CrossFit type gyms for the longest time. I stuck to my tried and true method of going to globo gyms where I spent countless hours working on my tris, bis, chest, and back; thinking this was the best way of working out. My first workout with Jeremy at ION lasted less than 5 minutes and all my preconceived notions of CrossFit/Functional movements at high intensity…vanished. I became a believer and my wife and I signed up the same day. I have not stepped foot inside a globo gym since that fateful day.

ION has prepared me for many of life’s physical challenges without any specific training towards these “events”. By consistently working out at ION 3-5 days a week I have managed to run half-marathons, mud runs, workout competitions, and other fitness challenges at an above average finish with no injury and great recovery. ION prepared me for the extreme requirements of the military program I was going into. Jeremy’s consistent support and motivation at ION has made this place my second home; the community of people there is like family.

I highly encourage anyone on the fence about trying out ION Strength and Conditioning to come just give us a shot. No matter your fitness level, size, shape, culture, or any other excuse. The workouts are modified to fit your fitness level! It will challenge those coming from the couch, their 10th marathon, or that collegiate athlete for example.

I am in the best shape of my life and I plan to keep increasing that level with ION S&C. Patrick Z.

Great coaches!  Supportive peers!  Family atmosphere!

I started at Ion in September 2012, and since then I have not only made gains in my strength and fitness, but I’ve also gained friends who are like family now.  No matter what your fitness level, Jeremy and the coaches make sure you are getting the attention that you need.  The atmosphere is welcoming, there are no egos or attitudes, and you will always be greeted with a smile.

The best part I love about Ion is that they are so accommodating when it comes to bringing my 4-month old baby.  My husband and I can workout, and bring our baby with us.  We can just set him on the floor next to us while we do our burpees and squats!  There are always people who are willing to carry or rock him if he gets fussy, and we can continue our workout knowing that he is being cared for.

Ion has helped push me into doing things that I never thought I could.  I’m so glad that I decided to join, and know that I will be sticking around for a LONG time!  Thanks, Ion S&C!

Joanna Y.

I have been coming to ION for four years and it has changed my life. Before I found ION I spent thousand of dollars on a personal trainer and saw very little results. My main goal has always been to get stronger and to feel confident in a bathing suit. Ion has helped me reach those goals. The atmosphere is super supportive. All the coaches will always help you with anything you need and someone is always watching to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.  Through the years going to ION I have had some health issues and surgeries (unrelated to working out) and I never once had to stop coming to the gym because the coaches always modified the workouts for me.  I even had two toe surgeries and was still given workouts to do.  I have continued to come to ION for all these years because I have seen the results I want, I appreciate the family atmosphere, and I am now dedicated to living a healthier life. I can’t imagine going to any other place to workout now.

Marci S.

 I have been coming to Ion for about a year. I really enjoy working out here. I was previously at a HIIT/bootcamp type place. I like this type of workout better because everyone does it at his/her own level and the improvement is measurable. Jeremy really emphasizes personal responsibility in your own fitness, which I appreciate. If you show up and do the work, you will improve. He is there to help you along the way but not there to coddle or make excuses for you. He is also a very transparent business owner. He shares his struggles and triumphs with the whole community making us very tight-knit. But we welcome everyone!


The gym itself is at the back of a business complex. It shares the parking lot where you run with several other businesses. They are all very considerate and won’t drive aggressively. It’s down the street from Costco, which makes getting gas a breeze. Honestly, it’s 10% why I workout at 5:30 AM. There’s never a line!


Come try Ion. I think you’ll like IT


Durnt d.

I have been a member for 3 years now. In the past, I’ve had 24 hour fitness membership and bought Groupons for various types of classes such as barre cardio, dance, and yoga. This is the only thing that I’ve been able to stick with. I enjoy having the different workouts on the board, personal attention from the coaches, and seeing everyone’s results. This is a gym where everyone is welcoming and like family. Jeremy is the BEST!! JUSAYIN

Machiko N.

I think I’ve pretty much tried it all–  24 hr fitness and their classes, those cheap $10 gyms, a couple of personal training sessions, dvds, downloaded videos, more dvds, apps, tried even more dvds–  and you know what?  Ion Strength and Conditioning beats them all.

Why?  I think i can narrow it down to 3 things….

1) who?  the People.  The coaches are super knowledgeable, patient, they get to know you and they help modify exercises if you have any preexisting conditions or have some kind of injury, they are there for you and they root you on just when you think you have nothing left.  Your peers, they root you on too, alongside the coaches.  There’s a sense of commoraderie, and a sense of community.

2) what?  the Workouts, oh ho ho the workouts…  Ok, let’s get real here–  expect to be heaving for air, using every last muscle fiber of your being to complete the workout without passing out, and pushing yourself to the very outer limits.  You will find yourself struggling to complete the workout.  But That. Is. The. Point. You want to be pushed, to improve your time, to better your endurance, to be as fit as you can be.  There’s two types of WODs.  One is Intensity and the other Nucleus, I believe it’s called.  The Intensity one is bootcamp endurance kind of workouts.  The Nucleus one is more of heavy weights.  Correct me if I’m wrong.  You get to pick which one you want to do to tailor it to your needs.

3) where?  the Place.  Location, location, location.  Located in Fountain Valley, down the street from my old high school Los Amigos.  It’s off of Harbor.  Easily accessible, plenty of parking.  Spacious gym, lots of equipment.  Support your local gym, not the fat cats behind gym chains!

Classes are offered in mornings and afternoons/ evenings, weekends too I think.  Check their hours.  I work a regular 9 to 5, so I can stop in at 530 or 630 for a workout.

If you’re looking for something different, for you to test yourself, to get fit, you have to come here and try it.  I think they have an introductory period.  I would take full advantage of it!! Jacklyn H.