You know how many times I hear this a week? A lot. I don’t know any way to get in CrossFit shape besides DOING CrossFit! I understand some peoples egos get in the way of their own best interest sometimes but sheesh… If you know someone, or you are reading this and you are this person, come down, try a introductory session, and see for yourself that anyone can do CrossFit at any age and level of fitness. That being said, CrossFit is not for everyone. It takes hard work and dedication and at times a little humility.

Heres a little line from Coach Glassman from way back in 2006-

There is no circumstance of disability, gender, age,
stature, weight, or fitness level that reduces the need,
safety, or effectiveness of functional movement. This is
not the same as saying that everyone should do muscleups or even squats. Where muscle-ups are impossible,
substituting pull-ups and dips largely preserves the
training stimulus and prepares for the muscle-up.
Where the hip and legs are too weak to squat, hanging
on to a rope or racked bar with the arms for assistance
largely preserves the training stimulus and prepares for
the squat.
Every functional exercise contains an essential bit of
human capacity. Due to strength or injury, often a
particular exercise is not immediately possible. In nearly
every case what we do is find a method to reduce the
load to insignificant levels while preserving precisely the
line of action or substitute movements of similar lines of
action that will prepare for the missing capacity.


A) skill- Front squat

B) run 400m
20 pullups
10 toes to bar
20 burpees
30 KB swing 1.5/1 pood
40 squats
50 sit ups

run 400m
20 pullups