Coach Glassman – “Foundations”


“Power is defined as the “time rate of doing work.” It has often been said that in sport speed is king. At CrossFit “power”
is the undisputed king of performance. Power is in simplest terms, “hard and fast.” Jumping, punching, throwing, and
sprinting are all measures of power. Increasing your ability to produce power is necessary and nearly sufficient to
elite athleticism. Additionally, power is the definition of intensity, which in turn has been linked to nearly every positive
aspect of fitness. Increases in strength, performance, muscle mass, and bone density all arise in proportion to the
intensity of exercise. And again, intensity is defined as power. Power is one of the four defining themes of the CrossFit
6Program. Power development is an ever-present aspect of the CrossFit Daily Workout.”

Power=Work/time=intensity= your fitness. This is why we time workouts. We can measure your power output if we wanted to for every WOD in ft/lbs, horsepower, whatever unit you would like. The stopwatch though gives us a great idea of our fitness in comparison to previous attempts and other athletes.


B) 2x 800
2 minutes rest in between

C) 8x tabata L-Sit