“Hiding from our weaknesses is the recipe for incapacity and error”

Coach Glassman

Find your weakness and kill it


Our workouts are hard because we spend our entire time in the gym trying to avoid being comfortable. Comfortable is getting caught up on Sportscenter while cruising on the elliptical for twenty minutes. Instead we’re here pushing past our physical and mental limits in order to get fitter and stronger, “can I lift this for a set of 7 not 5” or “can I do this WOD faster this time”?
At the beginning of our CrossFit journey, everything is a weakness. As we progress we find those one, two or three things we hate and try to avoid.
Push through those weak points and when those points become strengths, you will find something else to work on. But thats the life and the rewards are awesome

A) 2 minutes max push ups

B) 2 minutes max sit ups

C) 2 minutes max double unders

D)12 minute AMRAP
150 wall ball
90 double unders
30 muscle up