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WOD 4/2/2013 | | ION Strength & Conditioning


Chaos Theory and CrossFit
Stick with me a minute-

Chaos theory is the study of nonlinear dynamics, in which seemingly random events are actually predictable from simple deterministic equations. Although CrossFit can seem random at times it produces predictable results. Variances in effort(intensity) , weight, sex, genetics, all contribute to the measurable differences in testing(I.e. “Fran” 1 rep max, etc.) but overall an increase in fitness will result after repeated exposure to CrossFit WODs.
I was debating a friend about the benefits and efficiency of CrossFit. He plans his workouts at the gym weeks in advance and never gets injured and says he can achieve the same level of fitness that we can(although he will not come down and prove his fitness at the box).
He stated CrossFit was to “chaotic” to be effective for every individual. I conceded that CrossFit is not for everyone but to me knowing what I was going to do everyday in advance at the gym would, for lack of a better word, suck. I like chaotic, anarchy in my fitness. The risk of failure and the tangible fear I feel before some WODs are the most intense but sublime feelings in life. Maybe that’s what really draws and keeps people in CrossFit…chaos.

A) 5x 5 minute rounds of
30 KB swing 1.5/1 pood
30 m overhead plate lunge 45/25
30 HOG push up

B)100 toe touch with med ball