“Prove Your Fitness”

Feel free to tell me I’m wrong but I don’t know what people did before CrossFit to display their fitness. Triathlons are all cardio and do not exhibit all the physical attributes we use as a measure in CrossFit like strength, power and speed. Strongman comptetiton is close but long distance aerobic cardio isn’t in any of their events. I read about penathlons and decathlons from the ancient Olympics and I think they were on to something. Pentathlons required the athlete to compete in 5 different events of varying tasks- long jump, discus throw, javelin throw, sprint and a wrestling match. That covers a lot of ground and would be a great test for athletes today.
Proving your fitness doesn’t have much meaning outside of our little community. Mentioning to the Gold’s gym crowd gets a confused look unless we are discussing bicep circumference. Proving your fitness doesn’t necessarily mean competition either. Comparing your scores on the whiteboard or looking online to see somebody’s “Fran” is a way to measure. We all compete in one way or another if we want to admit it or not and there’s nothing wrong with that.
But ultimately “Prove your fitness” means proving it to yourself. Nobody else gives a shit to be honest. Prove it to you…

A) max squats in 2 minutes

B) max push ups in 2 minutes

C) max sit ups in 2 minutes

D) max box jumps in 2 minutes

E) max burpees in 1 minute

F) max wall ball in 1 minute 20/14

G) 5 minute AMRAP
3 wall climb
50 m run

H) 30 reps GHD complex