I think I’ve mentioned this before but recently I’ve heard some things around the box that brought my attention to the idea of failing and failure. For some failure is a bad word, and in certain situations it most definitely is. If you are a soldier or a policeman, or a fireman, failure to complete your job properly can have terrible results. But here, at our box, I encourage failure. Try that handstand you’ve been wanting to do. Get on the rings and flop around trying to get that first muscle up. The more failure you can get through here the less failure you will have when it counts out there. You will not be judged, no one will kick you out of the gym, no one will take away your birthday. Failure is a option here. So don’t feel bad about.

A) Max pull up. 2 attempts. If you try for second attempt it will be your score

B) 5x

6 back squats @ bodyweight then
toes to bar as many reps as possible

C) 16 minute AMRAP
200 m run
between runs rest as long as last run