Athlete or Exerciser?

This is an excellent article written by Greg Everett fro Catalyst Atheletics. Catalyst has a ton of info on Weightlifting and fitness and a lot of its free Check out there site here if you gert a chance sometime.

I am not going to add too much to the article but to say as a coach and as a business owner, if after a certain point a person doesn’t start working towards being a athlete most of the time they leave and go on to something else or just quit working out overall. The great thing about CrossFit and functional fitness gyms is that if you want to pursue a Athletes lifestyle you can here. Competing, access to coaching of Olympic, Powerlifting, gymnastics is all available to you. Try and go into 24HR fitness or LA Fitness and do a snatch and miss and drop it on the floor. Not gonna happen. But here you are encouraged to push your limits and theres no penalty or no ones going to make fun of you if you fail.
Read the article. Decide which one you are and then decide if thats what you want to be.

20 minute AMRAP
10 pullups
10 pushups
10 situps
10 squats