I was having some deep thoughts the other day about stuff and came to a revelation of sorts. I was discussing with someone a few months ago about doing some snatch balances. He had tried with 135 and was having a hard time and was disappointed in himself.
“Drop the weight a little work on the technique.”
“Dang coach, I expected you to push me more thats what I need”
“Listen, you been training with us for a month and have never done any of these movements before, crawl, walk, then run.”
“Yeah but I’m pretty exceptional and should be better then that”
At the time I just shook my head and we went on with the rest of the workout.

Very few people in the world can say they are “Exceptional” athletes. The ones that are truly exceptional get paid for it. Most of us have to work and grind for every gain and progression we get. What does make up for those not blessed with superior athletic talent is WORK ETHIC.

Put in the work, reap the benefits. Take your fitness journey as a marathon not a sprint.
Your work ethic is what makes you exceptional and luckily thats something everyone can improve. No matter what age or where you are starting from.

A) 21-15-9
overhead squats 115/75
chest to bar

B) 3x 30 hollow rock
10 wall climb