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1/5/2016 | | ION Strength & Conditioning

I used to be all about New Years resolutions when I was growing up and even into my 30s. I would always say this is my year Blah blah blah. Maybe its just getting older but now I know if you aren’t ready to make a change in the instant you think about it its not going to happen. Tomorrow is Neverland. If you want to make the changes you feel will be beneficial you need to do it now. The video above is from a guy named Gary Vee. Most of his talk applies to entrepreneurship but I think there are some valuable points in there about not waiting and just doing it. Some foul language so dont blast if theres kids around.

A) 16 minute AMRAP
Even- 5 strict handstand push up
Odd- 5 chest to bar pullups unbroken

B) 4 x 200 m row