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Fear Vs Reality | | ION Strength & Conditioning


Do you remember the first time you talked to that special person you had a crush on? Do you remember that feeling before you walked into a big interview or meeting? Or how about that time you were going to do something that was going to change your life forever. The fear you feel at those times is absolutely the keenest of all human emotion. Some say its a good direction finder also. Face those fears head on and much of the time they become some of the best and significant outcomes in your life.

As a younger fella I would let that fear paralyze me. My mind would go to the worst case scenario in every situation and I would freeze up. Talking to a girl, asking for help in class at school, just about every unfamiliar experience would cause me to start sweating and a large percent of the time not to act.

That course of action did not serve me well and made me take the path of least resistance in almost every part of my life. I settled for the job that paid me but didn’t challenge me. I never worked on developing myself as a person by reading, working out and eating right. Instead I stayed on the couch, played video games ate crappy food, and turned into a slug of a man.

What changed?

I was overweight. The Dr. at work told me to get on high blood pressure meds and probably was going to need something for cholesterol at some point. I asked is their anything else I can do? He laughed a little and looked at me and said yeah diet and exercise but take the prescription anyway.

I went home and immediately began researching fitness programs. I wasn’t going to be 35 and on my way to the grave. I was more scared of dying from a heart attack or something like that than any other fear I had at the time. My son was 5 and he was my whole world. To think I would not be there to see him grow up was a very motivating factor.

My search led me to CrossFit eventually and at first I thought it was something I could do on my own in the gym. I soon realized to be able to replicate a lot of the things I saw on the videos at CrossFit.com I would have to search out a offical CrossFit facilty.

The first time I ever went to a CrossFit gym I was freaked out. That old fear of change and rejection and the unknown crept in. I was overweight and out of shape and everyone there was jacked and running around with their shirts of throwing around KBs. I had driven by the location at least 3 times and I just didn’t have the testicular fortitude(balls) to get out of my car and go up to what looked like just some guys garage in the backyard.

When I finally got the courage, I walked up, shook the owners hand and that day changed my life forever. I always wonder what would have happened had I not found CrossFit. All the peoples lives I’ve come in contact with that have had such a profound effect on me. And all those that I have been fortunate enough to help them on their journey towards a healthier life might not have gotten that help if I didn’t take that step.

There is no fate but the one you make. DOn’t let that fear stop you from doing anything in your life. Starting a new fitness program. Asking for a raise. Starting that book or that business you’ve been dreaming of. Or talking to that guy or girl you have that crush on. Will it all always work out that way you hoped? Who knows. But not doing anything and giving in to that fear will only give you more of what you have right now. If your’e happy with that then great. If you want something more it’s right on the other side of that fear.

We live in relative safety and comfort in this country so very few of these actions result in life or death. All that fear is in your head for the most part. Step out of that comfort zone.

Come on..you got this.