Are you fit enough to save your own life?

I know a lot of people work out to look good, lose weight, and stay healthy but what if your life depended on your fitness? I would hope that none of you reading this ever get into such a predicament but what would that type of fitness look like?

1926 a book was published called “Endurance” by Earle Liederman. Mr. Liederman put forth the idea that a man/woman should be able to save his or her own life in an emergency. In the book he laid out 5 fitness benchmarks that would help you towards this goal.

1. Swim 1/2 mile.

2. Sprint for 200 yards

3. Jump over a obstacle higher than your waist

4. 15-20 pullups

5. 15-20 dips

If you were able to do all of these you would be able to swim to shore if your boat capsized or sunk, run from a bear that was chasing you, hurdle a wall while running from a attacker, and lastly pull yourself up on any object you could get your hands to instead of falling to your death.

Again, most of us will never be in life or death situations that would put these to the test but it never hurts to work on these skills.

Luckily, our program here at ION S and C is tailor made to help you reach these goals. We train for these situations whether you realize it or and this whole program was designed for people whos lives depend on their fitness. A high level operator in the military and a soccer moms fitness needs only vary by degree, not kind.

It is my belief that any exercise/workout program that does not acknowledge the need for this type of fitness is doing a great disservice to its clientele. The only thing that matters, more than body fat percentage, six pack abs and “toned” arms, is in an emergency situation could I survive.

When the grid goes down, or when the zombies come, their might be no one to come save you…so better figure out how to save yourself.