Back in the day, when I first started doing CrossFit pretty seriously, I had this goal of getting a 300# deadlift. I know, it’s not a lot nowadays, but back then 300# was still fairly impressive. I worked and worked on it. One day I was doing the WOD Linda with 275# and was feeling pretty good at the start. As I got more reps in the worse my form got and next thing you know I was looking like this.

I felt this pain in my back and I went to my knees. I tried to stretch and roll it out but pretty soon I realized I was not gonna be able to move. My coach put me in my car and I drove home somehow. I low crawled from the car to my house and and then to my bed where I was pretty much unable to move for a few days.

I gave up on deadlifts for about 2 years after that. WHen I did decide to come back to them I started slow. Like 95# at first. I gradually went up but over years and not months and finally broke 300# and beyond and currently I would say the deadlift is one of my stronger lifts.

Theres a fine line on going out of your comfort zone and going beyond limits. Each individual has to answer that for themselves. A good coach would push you out of your comfort area but hopefully not beyond your limits. Our goal here at ION S and C is for our members to enjoy a LIFELONG pursuit of fitness. So with that in mind, if fitness is a lifetime goal we take the longview approach to weightloss(fat loss), muscle growth and increasing loads and intensity. THe world wants everything faster and they are looking for a magic pill. The reality though is that there is no magic and that time is relative. Hard work will always work better and faster in the long run than shortcuts. Put in the work, earn the reward.