Angel Gonzalez

Road To The Games

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The Beginning,

  I don’t want to be cliche, but after watching my first California Regional Competition it lit a fire in me. I can’t even imagine myself going head-head with some of the most elite athletes know in the sport of Crossfit regardless I get up every morning with a game on mentality and it’s off to the gym. The gym is more than a gym, it is a place where I can let go of the distractions and I can be myself. Constantly pushing what I thought was my limit to the next level. I have one of the best coaches I have ever seen in my athletic career. With such a passion to help others overcome their challenges, it is always humbling to hear a good job or you killed it after going all out on a workout. It’s a little crazy to think I can make it to the games, but it is the people crazy enough that eventually do.

  I’ve been doing Crossfit for accumulative three years, taking a break during my first year in college and then coming back and doing it more consistently and with higher intensity. I have immersed myself in the sport of Crossfit and it has been one of my best decisions I have made in my life, not only for the health benefits, physical advances and confidence building, it is life changing. It is a daily test of your character to perform even when you don’t feel like it. Not only a lesson for the gym it happens in the real world, no one will do the work for you and nothing replaces hard work. I hope my words of hope and determination can help someone who is having a rough patch in their road to a goal or dream. It’s not always pretty it can be draining and difficult, but it is in the hardship and low places that we grow. Rising to the challenge is what makes us victors and allow us to enjoy a life of success.