ION S and C Three Key Points for Eating Like A Beast!

Ok maybe the title is a overstatement but I have been getting a lot of questions lately about eating and I wanted to make a couple of statements about it. DISCLAIMER-I am not a nutritionist. Everything I have learned and is written here is from personal experience. For myself and many others who have strived to change their body composition. It works for losing fat as well as gaining muscle. While I realize every body is different these 3 points work generally well for everyone. If you try it and don’t see any results then see me and we will get you pointed in the right direction and to the right people.

1-Track your protein for a week. If you are not getting around 1 gram of protein per bodyweight you need to fix it. So if you are 150 lbs you need to be getting 120-150 grams a day at least. If you are not sure how many grams you are eating there’s a app called My Fitness Pal for Android and Iphone. You punch in the food you are eating and it gives you all the calories, grams of protein, fat and carbs, in just about every food you can think of. Yes this means you might have to weigh and measure. If you don’t have the ability to weigh or the inclination, a piece of meat(beef, chicken or fish) the size of your palm will be around 3-4 oz. 3-4 oz is going to be anywhere from 20-28 grams of protein. If you find it difficult to get your protein in in a day, protein shakes are a great supplement. Stick to whey protein unless you’re lactose intolerant. The next best choice would be egg protein. The ones I have tried taste like ass but I have heard they have some new brands out that aren’t totally gross. If that doesn’t work for you then go for veggie protein but from what I understand it is not a complete protein so you will be missing out on some of the important BCAAs that meat and egg protein has. Last thing, eat protein with every meal or snack!

2- Avoid a lot of fruit if you are trying to lose weight. Fruit does have calories and its mostly from sugar. Your body does not know the difference between sugar from fruit or from a candy bar. There is no such thing as “good” sugar or “bad” sugar. Theres just sugar and it does what it does no matter where it came from. To lose weight you need to limit the amount of sugar you take in from all sources.

3- One of the biggest obstacles in “dieting” is with people thinking of all the things they need to give up. Let’s look at this a different way. Lets focus on adding in the things we need to first. If you are not working out at least 3-5 days a week, lets start there. If you are not getting in enough protein a day then lets work on that. Those two things by themselves fix a ton of other issues without even thinking about it. If you have those two dialed in and not seeing the results you want then we can sit down together and start talking about some other changes we need to make.

Thats it. If you start with these 3 dietary considerations and try and fix them you will be on your way to reaching your goals. I’m not going to say they are easy but they are doable for the majority of people. Try it out and if you need any help text me email me or track me down at the box and we will figure it out together.