Do The Work

I’m writing this post in regards to some observations I have made over the years of trying to become and stay fit and also through watching other people on their journeys to fitness.

Let’s start with the word “Fit”.What does that mean to you? s it low body fat? Low body weight? Someone who just ran a marathon? Is it someone that can squat, bench deadlift a lot? I’ll give you the answer… it’s none of those things in and of itself. While all those can be indicators or by products of fitness, independently they do not get us any closer to defining what “Fit” is. Coach Glassman, the founder of CrossFit wrote a pretty provacative article called “What is Fitness”(link here) and I feel it’s one of the most complete definitions available.

I won’t go into all of the details but the essence of the article is fitness is definable and quantifiable. Anything we can measure, we can manage. The definition CrossFit came up with is this

“work capacity across broad times and domains”

kinda vague maybe but I think it can also be defined like this


Intensity is to fitness as fitness is to power

P= W/T

Power= Work(force*distance)/Time

Probably not much better. But lets say in super simplified terms some one does 30 back squats reps at 135lbs in 2 minutes. The last time they did the same workout 3 months they got 3 minutes. Over the course of time it seems they have increased their fitness in at least a few areas. Strength, muscular endurance, speed, coordination

Sorry if I lost a bunch of you with that. But with the definition used above, we can work towards bettering our fitness using a stopwatch, our bodies, and some weights here and there.

What does it take to get “Fit”? In simple terms and for our use at the gym, we get fitter by scoring a better time on a run, knocking a few seconds off our “Fran” time, or by increasing our 1 rep max back squat to name a few. How do we get better at all these things?

1. Consistency- show up. Do your work. No one gets fitter sitting on the couch. Whatever work you put in yesterday is gone. What did you get done today?

2. Form- Strive to move properly and efficiently. It will reduce injuries and also you will be able to maintain your ability to move into your later years. Take your time and learn the proper movements and if you ever are not sure ASK!!!

3. Load- Only after dialing in your form would you consider adding weighted movements. Even the lightest weights moved improperly can cause a injury so learn the proper form and the weights will come in due time

4. Intensity- After you show you can be consistent with working out, with good form, and moving a decent amount of weight we can move on to adding in the intensity. Intensity is what causes the suck factor during workouts.

Google the benefits of HIIT and high intensity CrossFit training. This is the “magic pill” everyone has been looking for to get fit. But not a lot of people will do it because its hard. It takes a special person to get up every day and absolutely crush themselves in the gym. For those who think they can go in and do their treadmill and watch tv while texting their friend and also achieve a significant level of fitness is WRONG. I’ve tried it and seen it all. Nothing other than an all out effort every time you enter the gym will reap the results you are hoping for. Sure there’s ways to cheat the system, roids, lipos, whatever else they got out there. But nothing will ever have the same effect as hard work.

Maybe you don’t want to be “that fit”. Or you just want to “tone up” That’s fine. More power to you. Our type of fitness if definitely not for everyone. But if you are, try out some of the WODs(workout of the day) on the site or give us a call if you want ot check it out for yourself.