ION- An ion (/ˈaɪən, -ɒn/)[1] is an atom or a molecule in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons, giving the atom or molecule a net positive or negative electrical charge. Ions can be created, by either chemical or physical means, via ionization.

The word ion is the Greek ἰόν, ion, “going”, the present participle of ἰέναι, ienai, “TO GO
IONS in their gas-like state are HIGHLY REACTIVE, and DO NOT OCCUR IN LARGE AMOUNTS on Earth, except in FLAMES,LIGHTNING, electrical sparks, and other plasmas.

When I went to choose the name for the gym a lot of the names I thought were cool were already taken. At the time there were over 3000 CrossFit gyms so as you can imagine coming up with something unique and would reveal the  intent of our program took me a bit.

ION came to me in a flash of inspiration after reading about in in depth and the bold points above are the characteristics I believed were going to differentiate us from every other community, be it a gym, club, movement or tribe.

“TO GO” is as basic as it gets. When I first started CrossFit and my fitness journey there were little motivational tools I used to get myself moving. Somedays I didn’t feel like working out. Somedays I would show up and not really be excited. The thing that got me through those days and even these days is a little self talk and the word I use is “Go” Nothing extravagant, nothing fancy, no frills, kind of like our box and our approach to fitness. Just one simple word “Go” repeated over and over pulled me through more times than I can count.

“HIGHLY REACTIVE” I prefer the scientific definition- tending to change into something else when mixed with another substance. I’ll redefine it for our purposes – pursuing change through work and physical exertion and practice. At least that’s what I interpret when I read it.

“DO NOT OCCUR IN LARGE AMOUNTS on Earth” That one is self explanatory. It is truly a rare person that decides an undertaking like self improvement. So many people talk about doing it. They say tomorrow, or when I have time. The truth is this is all the time you have and to those of you who are out there putting in the work, I am fortunate to know you. I get inspired by the people that just get it and know that even though it’s not easy, you show up and work. And that work separates you from all those do-nothing-but-talk folks we know.

“FLAMES and LIGHTNING” Those are just cool things to be associated with. Sometimes during a workout you feel like you are breathing fire. Other times you feel like you got struck by lightning. Or maybe our movement starts a fire in your gut to make other changes in your life and flames are close and pushing you into action. Maybe the lightning is a revelation of the potential your body and mind still have no matter where you started or where you are right now.

So ION  is the name of our gym but also the nameof  a community and movement of people that are striving and fighting to be better every time they walk through the doors. When you go out into the world you can go with the confidence that you have left it all on the table and that most of the people you meet either have no idea or do not have the will to do what you have just done. With that,, take a moment and congratulate yourself. But only a moment. Theres still work to do…