We have prided ourselves on providing results. I believe results can be obtained in any atmosphere. Be it a park, a warehouse, or a state of the art gym like the one pictured on top.

What separates us is we have created an environment conducive to obtaining results. We provide the tools and the knowledge. You provide the sweat and the work ethic and the will to follow through on your goals.

Theres nothing wrong with big fancy gyms and I realize they have more money and people flowing through their heated, generic and exclusive pain free doors in a day than we will ever see or have in our entire existence.

The problem is though that there are hundreds of people paying dues that will use it sparingly and they don’t give a shit.

We want you to show up. We want you to be accountable to us but also to yourself to strive for something that is unattainable at MegaGym.

This is our way of life and what we are trying to create in our little, freezing, often times dirty, always challenging warehouse, is a community that isn’t afraid of hard work. We challenge ourselves and push to the edge of our physical capabilities nearly every day. And we enjoy it.

We care about each others fitness and each others lives. You’re not a number or a $. Our only success comes from the success you achieve while in our community.

I am the coach. You are the athletes. But even more we are a family. We are a tribe.

We are all in this together.

Strength Courage Discipline Honor