“The greatest way to live with honor is to be what we pretend to be”




Those are our guiding virtues at ION S and C. I have gone into some detail on strength and discipline in other blog posts that you can read or review later. I am still working out my thoughts for the Honor blog post and it seems to be more difficult to define properly than I anticipated. While this post is not about Honor per se, it touches on a important facet as it applies to your fitness and our community as a whole.

I want to start off by saying this is not directed at any one person. I have mentioned this before and it still holds true. The type of workouts we do and the community we have built is a “asshole” barrier. People of low character, the lazy, the weak(minded) and cheaters do not usually last long here. We are too close knit and the demands of our program are too hard for those types.
With that said, this post is more about an expectation and a mindset than me trying to single anyone out.


In our program we have certain standards for most movements and workouts we do. For example, ass to calve on the squat, full lockout overhead on the press, fully open hips on the box jumps. We prescribe a certain amount of reps usually in a metcon WOD like 21-15-9 of whatever. Those standards and reps’ schemes are there for a reason.
I realize and can empathize with those still working on their form or cutting their volume because they are newer or just not feeling it. I have no problem with that and while we might encourage you to go deeper in your squat, do one more round, or add a little weight to the bar, etc. I know everyone gets to those points in their own time.
When we talk about “cheating” or “cheaters” we are talking about the deliberate avoidance of certain requirements in a WOD because they are “hard” or “I won’t get done as fast”.
I’ve seen it happen before and for the most part I don’t really care. That person is never really fooling anybody but themselves. If they continue cheating, saying they did this or that, they will eventually be shown a fraud. I’m of the mindset of live and let live and if you want to delude yourself into thinking you are something you’re not, have at it. You are here to get fitter and better, not “beat” everyone at a workout or lift more than someone else.
Unfortunately cheating at a workout with your peers can cause carryover and baggage. If someone can’t trust you to finish something as clear cut and simple (not easy) as a workout then in what other areas can they not trust you in? There’s a saying “How you do anything is how you do everything” and I have found it to be true for the most part.
I understand the temptation to take shortcuts sometimes. I have been called out for numerous things. Just recently I was told I don’t open my hips on a burpee. I won’t make excuses. It wasn’t that I was just tired or couldn’t do it. I was weak. I was lazy. It won’t happen again.
To wrap up, when you are here working out with everyone, even though they don’t admit it, they are watching. I hear about it. We hold each other to certain standards. If you ever get the opportunity to compete outside of the gym you are representing ION and everyone that is an athlete here.

What will they think about you based on your performance?

What will they think about our community?

I’m not talking about coming in first place. I’m talking about did you give everything you have? Did you hold the standards for the workout and the movements? Were you a jerk when you got no repped or something didn’t go your way?

Those are the things that matter. That is HONORing your peers, friends and ION.

So the next time you’re tempted to take the easier way. Whether that’s cutting reps or not following our standards, think about why? Why are you doing that? To win? To win what? No one cares you went faster. No one cares you lifted more with shitty form.
Again, I am writing this not to single anyone out. I wrote this to be a be a guide for new people and people that are interested in how we do things here. But, if you do feel like I am speaking to you then maybe look at your reasoning for doing things the way you do. And then change it.