You eat like shit and you don’t work out at all.
That’s the secret.
But you can fix it.

So, we recently have started a Body Composition Challenge at the gym. Over the years we have had a few of these and have seen some amazing results.
For the first couple of body composition challenges we recommend a strict Paleo diet for everyone. That worked well, and we used it because its fairly easy for people new to “dieting”.
The next few challenges we had people try a If It Fits Your Macros(IIFYM) diet. Those that followed the requirements and were consistent got the best results. IIFYM is a little bit more challenging because of having to weigh and measure but gives you a little more flexibility in the type of foods you can eat

I am not a nutritionist, so you can take all of the following statements with a grain of salt.
You know what the common thread was with all the “diets” we have tried here?
If you stick to them and are consistent they work.
If you don’t stick to them they don’t work.
That’s it.
I know everyone is looking for the “magic pill” or the get ripped quick program. There isn’t one. Just like everything it takes hard work and persistence.
Anyone selling you a “magic pill” is full of shit for lack of a better term. In fact, I will go as far to say 95% of the information out there in the world about nutrition is BS.
I know there have been people that have been doing this longer than me and have a bunch of letters after their names. But in my 10 years of trying to get myself fit and others I have seen hundreds of people lose fat, lower their cholesterol, lower their blood pressure, get off of statins, become stronger and basically turn their whole lives around by following a simple (not easy), sensible approach to eating. In doing this I have made a few observations that might help you along the way:
1. Most people grossly overestimate the amount of protein they take in a day. If you are working out here 3-5 x a week and aren’t taking in at least .75-1 g of protein per pound of bodyweight(i.e. 100lb person-75-100g protein) then you will not reach your full potential and may be setting yourself up for injury, fatigue, lack of focus and motivation. When you work out you are breaking down your muscles. Muscles are made of protein. You have to rebuild your muscle and you do that by ingesting enough protein.

2. As much as overeating can be a issue so can undereating. Starving yourself is not a good long-term plan for health and fitness Link.

3. There are no “good” foods and there are no “bad” foods…kinda. Foods are just combinations of protein, carbs and fat. If you abuse any of those then you are going to run into issues. Food is a drug and it should be treated as such.

4. There are no “Superfoods”. Yes, some foods are more nutrient dense. Some foods have anti carcinogens in them (leafy veggies, bright colored veggies, berries, organic meats, etc.) but that does not mean if you eat those you will be risk free from other ailments. Balance is the key.

That’s my two cents on that.
Anyway, I believe that eating healthy is something we do for a lifetime, not just for a challenge. Everyone is different and what works for you might not work for someone else. In fact, what works now might not work a year from now. You have the responsibility to yourself and your fitness to find what will work right now and stick to it. Don’t be lazy with things that pertain to your health and fitness. You have one life; one body and you MUST take care of it or it will not take care of you.

There will be a few posts forthcoming that will cover in more detail some options for eating by John Angel and I. Try them all. See what works best and DO IT.
Any questions or comments you can contact us. Just like your fitness, nutrition is not and should not be a big secret. The info is out there and there are people that are willing to help. Don’t make excuses, just make it happen.