We are constantly talking about “Prove your Fitness”, testing our fitness, increasing our fitness, etc.


There’s a few reasons.

First, after you have been around a while, lost a few pounds and not feeling like your going to die each time after each workout, its time to add a few pounds to the bar, or add a little skill to a movement (i.e. ab mat sit-up to a knee raise or a knees to elbow). Your fitness journey does not end when you reach a certain weight, or you are able to do a pull up, or you can squat 2x bodyweight. As a lifelong pursuit, real fitness has no plateau. We can make infinite challenges for anyone at any level. By always targeting our weaknesses we can insure that we will not become complacent or bored while reaching towards higher and higher levels of fitness. If you do get bored, we have a problem. But we can fix it.

Second, testing ourselves vs our previous efforts gives us a lot of information as to what we should be focusing on. While the WODs are programmed to give everyone a overall general base of fitness, if there is something your not getting or lacking, please feel free to let me or another coach know. We always have numerous ideas or plans for extra credit that can be performed before or after a WOD. If you are unsure about what to work on, just ask. As coaches we have a pretty good idea of what would be most beneficial for each athlete and if we don’t we can figure it out based on your goals.

Lastly, testing gives us as coaches a good idea for our programming over the course of the year. To further aid in this we have established the “Band System”. For those that don’t know the band system is much like martial arts belt system. As we implement this more into the programming it will provide everyone with a linear path to higher and higher levels of fitness. This is a work in progress but as it is developed more and more information can be gathered and we anticipate advancement through the system as being a main focus of our program.

One more side note testing. This might not pertain to everyone, but our belt system will also benefit those interested in competing. Comparing our results against other gyms and individuals gives us knowledge of what we might be lacking as far as programming and training. We aspire to give a high level of fitness to all our athletes. And even if you have no interest in the competing aspect it is nice to know that what we work on here puts our fitness on a level much higher than those not involved in a strength and conditioning program like ours. To add to that we strive to program so that we could compete at any level. Local, statewide, national, or worldwide if so desired. While those levels take a certain amount of time and dedication, I think for those that are willing we could come up with a game-plan that would make that a possibility.

I will wrap it up with our philosophy here is to create a well rounded athlete. Life never gives us challenges when and how we want them. While most of us are rarely in situations of life and death and we would need to depend on our fitness to survive it is comforting to know that at least our fitness would not let us down if we needed it. On a macro level, as in our day to day life, its also nice to know if we need to move something heavy, or we just want to go on a hike or take a jog that it would not destroy us.

Fitness and health provides humans a sense of freedom. That becomes clear when you are unable to perform a certain task. Or we are reliant on someone else to do it for us. As we age these issues become even more important. Being able to move and be self sufficient at 50, 60, 70 and beyond is the ultmate goal. It is possible.

Not to get to deep but I will, compare the differences between a swim instructor and a life guard. If you take swimming classes there’s a higher chance you never need a life guard. As that applies to health and fitness, if you take care of yourself the need for a dr. becomes less of a issue. Of course there are things out of our control, genetics and accidents. But we can take of the things under our control. So do it.