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Mental Game Part III | | ION Strength & Conditioning

In our continuing series about the mental aspects of health and fitness I wanted to cover a subject I have been considering a lot lately and that is SACRIFICE.

It is not lost on me that every time we step into the box we are sacrificing every other thing we could be doing- but didn’t. So this time is precious, and sacred. Whatever your reason for coming in everyday and pushing yourself, even though you are tired, or sore, or have other obligations, shows that you have made a commitment, an oath to yourself and to our way of life.

To those on the peripheral of what we are doing here, it looks like we are just a small group of people, doing crazy ass workouts. But those that don’t know and can’t and wouldn’t understand, we are forging ourselves and not just physically. The physical part is actually a very minute part of what we build here.

What I have come to realize is that the most important thing we build is a hard mind. In doing this for a few years the difference that is most noticeable in the people that “get it” is the change in mindset. Going from “I could never do that” to “I did that” is as close as you can come to alchemy. When you get up in spite of everything in your body saying, “stay in bed” “you’re to sore” “its ok to miss ONE day” you are becoming more than a fit person. You are becoming the living embodiment of our virtues- STRENGTH DISCIPLINE HONOR.

These virtues have carry over to the rest of your life if you let it. I promise you the things we do here require more mental toughness than 99% of the people you know will ever have or can imagine.

Of course there’s always more we could and should be doing and you will- when you are ready. But there is no plateau and no ceiling to what you can accomplish here or otherwise if you use the mentality you already have and apply it.

What do you want from your fitness? What do you want from your life? Go and get it! You have already shown the Will it takes to accomplish anything.

All that is left is to act.