The first time I saw this question was in 2006. I was browsing around looking for some kind of fitness program. Something different. I had been doing the gym thing for some time but I was still overweight and I had an inkling that there was more to being fit than chest day, arm day, cardio, repeat.

I stumbled across CrossFit by chance. The movie 300 had recently came out and there was no denying those guys were in pretty good shape so I investigated and eventually found a little, simple, basic website

No one had described or articulated what fitness was really. Or at least not in any way that had resonated with me. I had always felt that being fit was more than low body fat, or running fast, or lifting a lot of weight. CrossFit was the first program to say all these facets of fitness are of equal importance.

Fitness and health go together. In fact they are related to each other. If you are casual about these two areas of your life it can be catastrophic. I get some people have a problem with the way CrossFit is represented. I get that some people who do CrossFit are douchey. I get that most of the people doing CrossFit in a box are never going to be elite athletes. And thats ok. The goal of CrossFit as far as I can reckon, was to give people a well rounded physical capacity for lifes daily activities but in addition can also give you a nice buffer against sickness and disease

That was it. While its been taken to a crazy level with the CrossFit Games and all the other competitions around, thats for a small percentage of CrossFitters. For the average guy or gal that just wants to get a good workout in and not spend 3 hours in the gym, CrossFit is more than adequate and is far more effective than most of the gym bros or cardio bunny workouts that you will see any given day in a regular “Globo” gym.

While we are not a CrossFit gym, I would be a liar if I said that Coach Glassmans methodology’s haven’t had a huge influence on what we do here at ION S and C. We have catered it slightly to our particular predilections but the core of what we do is the definition of CrossFit- High intensity movement done across broad time and modal domains.

If it aint broke, don’t fix it.