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The Cholesterol Myth | | ION Strength & Conditioning

10 Cholesterol Myths Debunked

If you have been around ION S and C for a while you might have heard me go off about Cholesterol and all the lies we were told about it. For those interested, the article above goes into some detail about 10 myths about cholesterol. But for those who don’t want to read the whole thing here’s a readers digest version-

  1. There are no such things as good or bad cholesterol, but mental stress, physical activity and change of body weight may influence the level of blood cholesterol.
  2. High blood cholesterol does not contribute to coronary heart disease.
  3. Your body make 3-4 x as much cholesterol than you take in. Even a “heart” healthy diet only contributes a small percentage to any change in levels.
  4. There is zero evidence animal fat contributes to heart disease or atherosclerosis (plaque build up in arteries).
  5. The only way to lower cholesterol is with drugs but affect mortality rates and these drugs may in fact shorten life spans.
  6. Statins do lower risk of cardiovascular disease but they also might contribute to other diseases such as cancer.
  7. These facts have been around for decades but largely ignored by medical professionals for various reasons.
  8. The reason why laymen, doctors and most scientists have been misled is because opposing and disagreeing results are systematically ignored or misquoted in the scientific press.
  9. There are actually many benefits to high cholesterol.
  10. Cholesertol is Our Best Friend. Another link to even more information

As with all things, you can take studies like these with a grain of salt. Investigate for yourself. Listen to your Doctor if you are currently seeing one for any of these issues. But it never hurts to ask him what he thinks about what is presented here in this article.

Theres a reason diet such as Keto and Carnivore have become more and more common and popular. What the nutrition and medical experts have been suggesting for the masses has yielded poor results in general as the weight, health and incidence of disease has steadily climbed since the introduction of the high carb, low fat diet. Maybe theres something better. Its worth looking into, it is all after all, your health we are talking about.