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Nutrition, Health, Fitness | | ION Strength & Conditioning

On the road to becoming a healthier and fitter you will eventually have to take your nutrition into consideration. The graphic above describes the hierarchy of development for athletes or anyone trying to get in “shape”.

In a perfect world, we would have our nutrition dialed in before going up the pyramid but thats not always reality. And thats ok.

You will reach a point in your athletic career where nutrition will be the deciding factor in getting to the next level.

Whether that be losing those last 2-3% of body fat, knocking a few seconds off a workout time, or adding 5 pounds to your squat, nutrition is very often the last key ingredient to attaining those goals.

As I have stated on numerous occasions, I have tried, and recommended all kinds of “diets” and tricks to help people with their nutrition issues. But at the end of the day, anything other than a full on lifestyle reevaluation is necessary to get lasting results.

Recently, ION has began to offer, as a extra benefit to our a members, access to a comprehensive nutritional coaching program as I have recently become certified by Precision Nutrition as a Level 1 coach.

Precision Nutrition is, in my estimation, one of the few nutrition and health programs that take in the whole picture of a persons lifestyle, health, and fitness. Precision Nutrition offering is relatively inexpensive compared to a doctor or a dietician and the program has produced amazing quantifiable results for thousands and thousands of people.

We aren’t talking about another “diet”. There’s plenty of those out there. This is a holistic approach to eating, health and fitness and fits nicely with the beliefs of ION S and C as a whole.

Nutrition is important. If you don’t know where to start or have additional questions click here.