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ION S and C PT Test | | ION Strength & Conditioning
US Navy SEAL Training

This September we will be having a ION PT Test. While we are not associated with any military or paramilitary organizations, we do use a lot of military terminology and ideas as it pertains to training. And to go with that it makes sense to have a standard set for athletes participating in this program.

I will start off by saying though that this is not a requirement for membership. This is just a test to see where you are at. Also these tasks below can change before the actual test date so keep your eyes out for any changes or modifications.

ION Strength and Conditioning Physical Training Test

Task 1- Run 1 mile in under 10 minutes

Task 2- 5 strict pullups

Task 3- 25 consecutive push ups

Task 4- Squat your own bodyweight for 5 reps

Task 5- Deadlift 1.5x your bodyweight

Thats it. Thats the test. My belief is if you are able to complete all these tasks you will have achieved a level of fitness 99% of gym goers never obtain.

These tasks are a compilation of movements and exercises that I feel cover the gamut of physical skills. You have some time if you are short in any of these right now. Train and practice and keep up with your workouts and you can do this.

As always, any questions, feel free to contact us.