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When we talk about power the first thing that pops in peoples head is probably something like the picture above. Some jacked guy or gal lifting a ton of weight. While that definitely and expression of power, there is a little more to it.

One of the things CrossFit purposed is that Power is approximately equal to (≅) your fitness.

I know this might be boring to some but bear with me as I think its important to consider this idea.

Power= work/time. We can measure in any units we want but one that most people have a concept of is horsepower.

For example, If you run a mile in 6 minutes and I run the mile in 10 minutes who has exerted more “power”? Who is “fitter”? At least as running goes?

With this formula we can compare power outputs in any effort imaginable. All we need is some basic measurements and a stop watch.

Also by using this formula, we now have another measurement of our fitness. There will come a point where you hit a certain weight, or body fat percentage. So are we done? Can we stop working out? No. Our journey is lifelong and the best way to gauge our progress is with the methods mentioned.

Comparing our efforts against previous efforts gives us an indication of the direction we need to follow. If I did “Fran” in 3:30 in 2015 and yesterday I did it in 2:45 then I know I am heading in the right direction. Vice versa, if my score today is 5:00 then I know I have some work to do.

Thats why we offer the app Beyond the Whiteboard so everyone can keep track . If you haven’t started using this app yet, start now! If you’re not you’re not getting the most out of your fitness. And if you don’t like like apps use a pen and paper. But you have to keep track if you’re going to improve over the months and years.

Improving your power output increases your fitness. Increasing your fitness improves your health. Your health improves your quality of life.

More on that last part later.