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Cholesterol Myth Busting | | ION Strength & Conditioning


So this whole time they have been purposely deceiving us about the dangers of cholesterol!

First, why? There are probably many reasons and most of them lead back to follow the money.

It’s frustrating that this information has been studied for a long time and many companies profited obscenely from selling no and low cholesterol foods to the detriment of hundreds and thousands of people.

For your sake and the sake of those you care about, please investigate for yourselves the possible pros and cons of any information you get, be it from a doctor, or even this blog I’m writing now.

Your own health and fitness are your responsibility and no-one is going to look out for you. Weigh every opinion and suggestion and first evaluate the motive. Then look into the science and reasoning behind it.

Businesses have responsibility to their shareholders first and foremost. It’s a bleak picture and those who will not take the time to investigate for themselves could be doing more harm than good.