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ION Lingo | | ION Strength & Conditioning

I know a lot of you have been around for a while but I’m not sure if we have ever covered exactly what all the little sayings we throw around mean. I put together a short list. Ill probably miss a few, but here we go!

AMRAP: As many rounds(reps) as possible. We use all different times, depending on our goal for that day. 5, 8, 10, 12, 16, and 20 being the most common. AMRAP workouts challenge athletes to complete as many rounds of a series of movements in the allotted time. Just try not to lose count!

Ass to Grass:Get low! Also called “Ass to Ankles,” or ATG for short, this term denotes a full-depth squat. (Wondering if that last rep was deep enough means it probably wasn’t.) This is the standard we are all reaching for eventually. At the beginning there’s a lot of leeway, mainly due to flexibility reasons, but as you “mature” as an athlete ATG will be expected.

Box: The Box is what we call our little gym. Back in the day, most of the CrossFit style gyms were in a garage of some dudes house or in warehouses even smaller than ours! But, while we can’t compete with “globogyms” in the beauty department, we can in the response our workouts elicit

BW :Bodyweight. We use bodyweight or a percentage of bodyweight for workouts that involve a barbell frequently.

C&J: Clean and Jerk

Chipper WOD: .A “for time” workout (see further down), usually higher reps, where you “chip’ away at the tasks required. Heres a good example of a “chipper” that everyone knows and loves-

Filthy Fifty

  • 50 Box jump, 24 inch box
  • 50 Jumping pull-ups
  • 50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood
  • Walking Lunge, 50 steps
  • 50 Knees to elbows
  • 50 Push press, 45 pounds
  • 50 Back extensions
  • 50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
  • 50 Burpees
  • 50 double unders

EMOM: Every minute on the minute. A workout where a certain amount of work is required in that minute. If you complete work early, you can rest. If you don’t finish then you receive a zero score for that particular round.

GPP: General Physical Preparedness. GPP is the type of fitness that is prepared for almost any circumstance. This is why we vary the volume, time, weights, and movements. Our belief is that your fitness should prepare you for the unknown and unknowable. A quote I use often is “better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it”

For Time: A workout where a stopwatch is used and your time is recorded. While an AMRAP is a set time, “For time” WODs last as long as it takes. A large percentage of our workouts are “for time”, unless it’s not. Also its been proven the faster you go the quicker you are done.

HSPU: Handstand Push Up

KB: Kettlebell. One of our favorite and most versatile tools

MetCon: Metabolic Conditioning. These are our “cardio” workouts. Sure we run, row and bike, like any standard cardio workout, but we can also achieve improvement in our cardio through workouts such as

3x 10 pullups

10 power clean

10 toes to bar.

OHS: Overhead Squat

PR: Personal record

Rx’d; as Rx’d: As prescribed; as written. WOD done without any adjustments. A source of some contention often. If you complete the WOD as its written on the board you have done the workout s prescribed. Or RX. If there is ANY variation then you do not receive an RX. Our goal is to do every WOD RX eventually but, we dont sacrifice integrity for it. Meaning, everyone knows if you did or not. In it of itself its pretty meaningless. As long as you got a good workout.

RM 1RM: 1 REP MAX. We use this measurement to base many of our lifting workouts on. That being said we rarely will try and find our true 1 rep, mainly because of the safety but also because a 3 or a 5 rep max will give you a very good estimate and reduces the risk of injury

WOD: Workout of the Day. Based on the militaries POD or plan of day

“Girl WODS” : WODs named after real and imagined girls. I once heard mentioned they were named after hurricanes (Helen, Fran) because they can do a lot of damage and leave you messed up.

“Hero WODS”: CrossFit has always had close ties to the military. And with that, many soldiers, sailors, marines and airman participate in our style of training. Hero WODs were made to honor those in the military who have sacrificed their lives. Thats why the strict rule of no complaining is enforced.

Tabata: Tabata is a protocol for training, typical done with a 2:1 work:rest ratio. Here, we normally do :20 seconds of work followed by :10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds.

Im sure theres a few I missed but these are the main ones. Let me know if you have any to add or any questions about any of them.