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About Us | ION Strength & Conditioning

About Us

Head Coach-Jeremy Loo

I started ION Strength and Conditioning with the intent of changing the world. I believed and still believe that taking care of your health and fitness is the most important thing you can do for yourself and those you care about.

I don’t think you can live your “best life” and you cannot be the person you need to be for others unless you are taking care of your fitness.

You don’t “deserve” to be healthy. It’s something you have to work for. It takes discipline. It takes sacrifice. And sometimes a little suffering, and its all worth it.

If you’re looking the easy or quick way then you probably should look elsewhere. Theres plenty of fitness programs and gyms that require minimal effort and are satifisfied with you just “showing up”. I realize there are megalithic gyms in the area that are built on the memberships of people that hardly ever walk through the doors. Offering mediocre results for mediocre efforts to those that do show.

For us and those like us, that will never do. We attack our fitness with zealous fervor, knowing good enough never is. There is no ceiling. There are no plateaus. There are no stops along the way. Only forward.

You can continue on the path you’re on now. You can become the person you are going to become. 

That’s what most people do.

Or you can DECIDE the path you want to go down and BECOME who you want to become. 

It’s a choice. 

What are you going to choose?