ION Strength and Conditioning

We are a community and a family.

We follow our tenets-

Strength- Of body, of mind, of character

Discipline- We do this because this is who we are. Discipline brings freedom. Discipline builds Strength.

Honor- We are a living representation of our beliefs. We hold a standard for ourselves and those we care about so that we can deem ourselves worthy of a life that matters.

If these ideas resonate with you then you are our brothers and sisters. The next step is to join us.


3 x a week- $85 a month

3x a week + Nutrition coaching- $150 a month (Beginning June 15,2019)

Unlimited- $150 a month

Unlimited+ Nutrition Coaching- $200 a month

Nutrition Coaching

$99 a month (Beginning June 15, 2019)

Personal Training

2 x a week- $450 a month ( 8 one on one classes a month)

3x a week- $600 a month (12 one on one classes a month)

Single sessions- $75 an hour

Remote Coaching through TruCoach App

Online only- $20 for General Fitness Program

Each extra program $5 (Strength, gymnastic, strongman, endurance)

Contact us for more information about all our available programs