About Our Team

Jeremy Loo

Head Coach and CEO

I came to CrossFit through a video on the  BJ Penns website back in the day. I tried to do a few of the WODs from the main page by myself at the 24 hour gym, but it wasn’t  working so I got up the courage and went to a CrossFit gym in Huntington Beach. I was a mid 30s, beer drinking, ESPN watching average guy that did bodybuilding routines I found in Muscle and Fitness but I was always looking for something more. After being humbled by my first “WOD” I have never looked back. It’s cliche, but CrossFit changed my life. I lost 50lbs, and have acheived things I would have never even attempted in my younger days. I believe 100% that CrossFit is the best and most effective way to get true fitness.


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